Valentine Day Special

I offer Couples Massage with another Licensed Massage Therapist at my off base office. This year we are also offering a sweet treat from “Finishing Touches By Liz Cakes” as a Valentine gift from us to you, if you schedule before January 26th.

We are taking appointments specifically for Couples Massage on the Saturday the 9th and 16th and some evening appointments the 14th and 15th. Couples Massage is $130 for a 60 min session. Hurry the appointments will fill out fast!!!

The Beginning of Something New

Thanks for joining me!

“And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.” —Rainer Maria Rilke


I am re-branding my business! Instead of my business being my name, I have created a name for my business. Serene Healing LLC! I am continuing to work for myself as a Licensed Massage Therapist, but I also want to add more to my business in the next few months. I have always enjoyed hand making natural things for my family and friends, so I have decided to begin doing that for my clients too. I will let you know whenever I bring in something new at my office.

I absolutely love being Massage Therapist, I can’t even call it work! I had wanted to be a Massage Therapist since I graduated High School, but choose to raise a family first. I am married and have three children. My kids really seem to enjoy having their own personal massage therapist too. Once my youngest went to school, I decided to finally go back to school.

While I was a stay at home Mom, I prided myself in making as much as possible from scratch. Whether that be meals, gifts, remedies, and cleaners. I started researching what was in the foods I was offering my kids, the products I was cleaning the house with, and the products I was using on my children. It was eye opening to find out what kind of sneaky things they but in products that we think are safe. That is where I started learning to make things from scratch, they may not be perfect but at least I know what is in them. That is what I hope to start offering you in the next few months.